Akram Allahabadi

Syed Mohammad Akram, was born on 31 March 1923 in Allahabad. His father Syed Shah Mohammad Afzal belonged to a landlord family who passed away when Akram was 12 years. Akram was more interested in writing poetry than looking after the family business therefore he handed over the land matters to his brother and moved to Bhopal for further studies. He used the pen name of Waqif Allahabdi for writing poetry. From Bhopal he later moved to Kanpur.

After his graduation, Akram Allahabadi took the journalism and joined an Urdu daily in Allahabad in 1946.

Akram Allahabadi started several daily newspapers and magazines, edited journals and later shifted to Mumbai. He started writing detective novels with the pen name of Akram Allahabadi in 1953. A prolific writer, his novels were bestsellers. He married to a woman who had African ancestry.

Akram Allahabadi was a writer of scores of popular novels in the era of 1950s to late 70s and thereafter.

In his detective novels the leading characters were Superintendent Huzoor Ahmed Khan (Khan) and Sergeant Iqbal Ahmed (Balay). He also used some other leading characters i.e. Inspector Madhulkar and his assistant Raazi, Inspector Sadiq and Jacob etc.

Today his novels are rare to find but the legend of Akram Allahabadi grows.

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